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9 jun 2023 om 22:16 Fried rice tasteless.. Japanese chicken not well cooked
16 mei 2023 om 14:57 Trekt op niks!!!!!!+
8 mei 2023 om 9:26 Altijd als ik bij jullie loopt het mis!!!!
26 apr 2023 om 21:21 Er was heel weinig saus meegegeven voor de voorgerechten en voorgerechten waren koud
16 apr 2023 om 22:02 Eten was niet lekker zoveel grote stukken ei en heel vettig, had drankje besteld heb ik niet gekregen.
13 apr 2023 om 12:32 Er waren voor de zoveelste keer geen stokjes bij, heel vervelend.
18 mrt 2023 om 17:08 The food was not good and very oily, they sent noodles without any flavor or sauce, the delivery guy let the noodle box fall to the ground because the paper bag was all wet at the bottom (something must have spilled). I will never order again.
5 mrt 2023 om 19:13 I asked No onion. My curry dish was full of onion Did’nt receive the side dish
19 feb 2023 om 8:41 I got my order super messy. It was running in water/sauce. The courier told me he is gonna come back with a new order, but that never happened. Horrible.
14 feb 2023 om 21:15 Ordered baked rice w/ chicken. Food was very salty and I counted 5 small pieces of chicken. Dish was also luke warm. Also ordered a 33cl drink but got a small 20cl bottle. 20+ euros for some rice and the smallest drink is a little outrageous!
12 feb 2023 om 19:56 Curry was koud
5 feb 2023 om 23:42 Something went wrong with the order & delivery time. After calling to check where the food was staying, it appeared the order didn’t reach them properly, taking the delivery almost 2 hours instead of 35 minutes.